Who am I?

Hello, I'm Josh.

My pronouns are he/him,
I live and work on Kaurna land,
and I have synaesthesia.
And in lieu of having a real brand, I've designed this website around my syanesthesia.

I like to sing and play piano,
write music and lyrics,
and sometimes you'll even find me conducting a choir.

With my partner, Matthew Briggs, we create theatre,
which we present through our company,
Under The Microscope.

We are often making original shows with music
or touring them 
hopefully to somewhere near you . . .

30,000 Notes

In my synaesthesia, '30,000 Notes' is green.

This show started off as a concert of my classical choral compositions.
which I was going to conduct live with a choir of 16 and string quartet.
Then Matthew and I realised there's more of a story to be told.

So it became this cross-artform theatrical piece
with headphones,
a virtual choir and string quartet,
a series of monologues, 
and everything I've ever written spread out on a 13 metre-long wall.

It will premiere in the 2019 Adelaide Fringe
to an intimate audience of 32 per performance
from the 19th of February to the 16th of March.
You can buy tickets here.

Scarred For Life

Scarred For Life is red to me. 
(well, it's actually orange, but my scar is red, so the show is red by association).

This was my debut cabaret show.

I filled it with original songs,
about the time I fell off my bicycle,
ruptured my spleen,
and almost bled to death.
I know – perfect material for a musical comedy.

I premiered it at the 2017 Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival
and something happened that I really didn't expect –
all kinds of people came up to me afterwards and told me their own medical stories
many showed me their scar(s)
and their responses inspired me to keep doing this show.

Once I'm done with 30,000 Notes
I'll be touring it around Australia.
So stay tuned for details coming soon.

Dear Malcolm Turnbull

'Malcolm' is blue.
So was his (former) political party.
And in 2017 he did some things which made me feel pretty blue.

So I wrote an open letter to him
Where, in rhyme, I outlined my outrage and grievances against him.
and it sort of became my own queer rights anthem
during a period that was so horrible for so many of us.

I posted it online
and it got shared around a bit.

So I released the song for purchase, where the money went to charity
and as a result some very generous people raised over $3,000 for QLife
– Australia's national queer counselling service.

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